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Different Ways On How To Manage Your Anger

Anger is the most dangerous emotion. If you don’t handle it well, you might say or do things that you don’t mean. If you are unable to control your anger, you shouldn’t feel too bad because you are not alone, there are thousands of people like you out there. Acknowledging that you need to manage your anger a lot better is a big step towards the right direction.

In this article, we will be talking about some effective anger management techniques that can help you.

1. Practice breathing slowly.
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Learning how to breath deeply and slowly will help you manage your anger better. Short deep breathing sessions at least twice a day will make a very big difference. Whenever you are feeling too stressed out or angry and you are about to explode, calm yourself, look for a spot to lie down, and fill your lungs with air. Inhale until your stomach comes out and then release the air slowly.
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If you have the time for it, you may also enroll in yoga classes. This can even reduce your stress level and you will come out of your class a brand new person.

2. Walk away.

Things can easily go out of control especially if two people are arguing with one another. Doesn’t matter if you are arguing with a friend, colleague, or a relative, sometimes it is better to walk out and get yourself out of that bad situation. This is very applicable for people who needs to manage their anger better. Although this will not solve the problem, it will give you and the other person time to reflect on your actions. This will also save you from doing or saying things that you don’t mean.

3. Determine what triggers your anger.

Knowing what triggers your anger gives you the opportunity to prepare for it so it does not happen.

Here is an example, if you computer at work is not working well and it makes you mad whenever it shuts down for no apparent reason, you have to inform your boss so that they can get it fixed. Be aware of the people, things, or situations that trigger your anger and do your best to stay away from each one. Once you are able to do this, you will see and feel the improvement when it comes to managing your anger.

4. Try your best to smile a lot.

Even if you have no reason to do it, try to smile often. Believe it or not, smiling can alter your mood. You will even do others a favor by affecting their mood. You will be happier and this can even prolong your patience. After all, it is very easy to smile.